Sunday, 5 February 2017

Aberdeen City Open 2017

The City Open has been an eventful competition with current Scottish Champions Team Brewster losing to Team Hutcheon in the opening draw. The competition throughout was close, with teams in the blue section not making the Sunday on ends. We had a make shift team from Curl Aberdeen due to a late pull out, and with two novices playing they reached the quarter finals, big thank you for all that helped form a team for the various sessions. The quarter finals themselves lined up with three former Aberdeen City Open champs (two of which that had recently represented Scotland in the last three years at the Europeans, in Brewster, Edwards and Kesley), the Welsh national team (Pougher), Greg Dunn (one of many English teams up here for preparations for their national championships at the ned of the month), Team Hutcheon, Team Taylor and Team Curl Aberdeen 1.

From the quarters Edwards, Hutcheon, Pougher and Dunn came through to make the semi finals. Edwards got off to a bad start losing a 3 but pulled it back to be level after 8, an extra end was needed and a measure was needed when Pougher drew with his last and neither 3rds could agree who lay. Pougher went through to the Final. The Hutcheon v Dunn game began with two blanks, Dunn took his one in the 3rd, allowing Hutcheon to gain his 3 the following end, they only scored once more and that was a 2 in the sixth. Hutcheon restricted Dunn to singles and that was enough for Hutcheon to make the Final.

Photos of the competition can be found on Facebook here.

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