This event is open to any four curlers who wish to enter from home or abroad.  Every team is guaranteed four games as the teams will be split into two sections and play a schenkel system of four group games.  The top two teams from each section will move forward to the  final & 3rd/4th Playoff which will be held on Sunday afternoon.

Friday 2nd February 2018

        Draw 1                              6.00 pm   Red Section
        Draw 2                              8.30 pm   Blue Section


Saturday 4th February 2018

        Draw 3                              9.00 am     Red Section
        Draw 4                              11.30 am   Blue Section
        Draw 5                              2.30 pm     Red Section
        Draw 6                              5.00 pm     Blue Section

        Entertainment & Dinner       8.00pm

Sunday 8th February 2018

        Draw 7                              9.00 am      Red Section
        Draw 8                              11.30 am    Blue Section
        Final                                  3.00 pm