Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Entries are now OPEN!

Aberdeen City Open
1st – 3rd February 2019

Games will begin on Friday 1st February in the evening. A total of 24 teams can be accommodated and will be split into two sections of 12. The final will be held at 3pm on Sunday 3rd February. All teams are guaranteed four games under the Schenkel System.

Prize Money
City Open Champions
Runner Up
3rd Place
4th Place


The entry fee is £200 per team and is payable with your entry. This can be paid by cheque payable to “The Ice Rink Club” or by BACS. Account Name: The Ice Rink Club. Account Number: 00370565. Sort Code: 80-05-14.  If paying by BACS please put your team name and Aberdeen City Open as the reference.
If any teams have to withdraw, the entry fee will only be repaid if we fill the space. Entries will be accepted on a first come first served basis. The closing date for entries is 1st December 2018.


A special offer is available at Village Urban Resort – Aberdeen. Booking details and code will be given on entry to the competition.


Your entry fee includes entertainment and a two course dinner on Saturday night (2nd February 2019).

Additional tickets can be purchased for the event at a cost of £20 per ticket.

All entries should be sent to: Curl Aberdeen,
Eday Walk,
AB15 6LN

Friday, 2 February 2018

Welcome to the 2018 Aberdeen City Open!

We look forward to welcoming all 18 teams to this year's Aberdeen City Open. The first games take to the ice shortly where we will see the Red Section take to the ice.

Red Section

  • Stuart Marshall
  • Tom Brewster
  • Greg Dunn
  • Blair Jeffrey
  • Davie Brand
  • Roy Haites
  • James Pugher
  • Andrew Hutcheon
As is customary at our competition, the first games will be determined by teams drawing their lane and stone colour by lucky dip.

Good curling!

Monday, 6 February 2017

Aberdeen City Open 2017 Winners

The winners of the Aberdeen City Open 2017 were Team Hutcheon, skipped by Angus Robertson. Congratulations guys, you've supported the competition from day one and have finally got your name on the trophy!

Team Hutcheon - Murray McGregor, Andrew Hutcheon, Andrew Dolman and Angus Robertson (Skip)
Trophy presented by Curl Aberdeen Chairman George Rogerson

Team Hutcheon played out the final with Team Pougher of Wales, who will be returning to Curl Aberdeen next month competing in the Aberdeen International. They themselves supporting the competition for the second time, last year finishing 4th. 

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Aberdeen City Open 2017

The City Open has been an eventful competition with current Scottish Champions Team Brewster losing to Team Hutcheon in the opening draw. The competition throughout was close, with teams in the blue section not making the Sunday on ends. We had a make shift team from Curl Aberdeen due to a late pull out, and with two novices playing they reached the quarter finals, big thank you for all that helped form a team for the various sessions. The quarter finals themselves lined up with three former Aberdeen City Open champs (two of which that had recently represented Scotland in the last three years at the Europeans, in Brewster, Edwards and Kesley), the Welsh national team (Pougher), Greg Dunn (one of many English teams up here for preparations for their national championships at the ned of the month), Team Hutcheon, Team Taylor and Team Curl Aberdeen 1.

From the quarters Edwards, Hutcheon, Pougher and Dunn came through to make the semi finals. Edwards got off to a bad start losing a 3 but pulled it back to be level after 8, an extra end was needed and a measure was needed when Pougher drew with his last and neither 3rds could agree who lay. Pougher went through to the Final. The Hutcheon v Dunn game began with two blanks, Dunn took his one in the 3rd, allowing Hutcheon to gain his 3 the following end, they only scored once more and that was a 2 in the sixth. Hutcheon restricted Dunn to singles and that was enough for Hutcheon to make the Final.

Photos of the competition can be found on Facebook here.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Looking forward to welcoming our competitors for the 2017 event

The competing teams have been announced. The sections issued along with the schedule. All that now awaits is the teams arriving to 'draw' for their opposition in the first game.

We look forward to welcoming all 18 teams to Curl Aberdeen on Friday and hope to see many spectators in over the competition. Good curling!

Monday, 8 February 2016

Accord ESL Aberdeen City Open Round-up

Following a successful weekend we would like to thank our sponsors Accord ESL for their support. Without their support we would struggle to put on such a successful competition attracting top teams from around the country. 

Thanks also goes to Lord Provost George Adam and Aberdeen City Council for their continued support of the event.  

Credit goes to curlers Maggie Wilson, Stuart McLachlan and Jayne Stirling for their photography over the weekend, Struan Wood and Andrew MacFarlane for compering the Race Night, Louise Edwards for the live line scores, and all the volunteers who helped with the legendary Race Night.  

A big thanks goes to our chief umpire Albert Middler, for all his hard work over the weekend. 

4th Place - Team Meikle L-R George Rogerson (Curl Aberdeen Chairman), Adrian Meikle, James Pougher, Rhys Phillips, Gary Coombs, George Adam (Lord Provost) 

3rd Place- Team Gray L-R George Rogerson, Lauren Gray, Jennifer Dodds, Vicky Wright, Mhairi Baird, George Adam

Runners-up - Team MacDougall L-R George Rogerson, Ben Fowler, Andrew Woolston, Andrew Reed, Alan MacDougall, George Adam  

Accord ESL Aberdeen City Open 2016 Champions - Team MacDonald L-R George Rogerson, Calum Greenwood, Ruairidh Greenwood, David Edwards, Ewan MacDonald, George Adam 

Competition photos can be found here.

And a massive final thanks to all competitors for taking part in this years competition and we hope to see you back next year! 

Over and Out 

Pye and Laura

Sunday, 7 February 2016

Accord Aberdeen City Open Winners 2016

Team MacDonald

L-R: George Rogerson (Curl Aberdeen Chairman, Callum Greenwood, Ruairidh Greenwood, David Edwards, Ewan MacDonald, George Adam (Lord Provost of Aberdeen) 

Team Line Ups

Ewan MacDonald
David Edwards
Ruairidh Greenwood
Callum Greenwood

Alan MacDougall
Andrew Reed
Ben Fowler
Andrew Woolston

Lauren Gray
Jennifer Dodds
Vicky Wright
Mhairi Baird

Adrian Meikle
James Pougher
Rhys Philips
Gary Coombs

Final and 3v4 Games Decided

After 2 extremely close semi finals our Accord Aberdeen City Open finalists have been decided.

The final will take place at 3pm between teams MacDonald and MacDougall.

Our losing semi finalists will battle it out in the 3v4 (Meikle v Gray).

Guest blogger Gavin Fleming kindly provided a summary of our semi finals:

The first semi-final was between Team England (Alan MacDougall) and Team Wales (Adrian Meikle), so in addition to a place in the final there was national pride to play for too. The English went ahead early leading 5-1 after 5, however the Welsh struck back with a big three. England made their single in the 7th and looked to defend their two shot lead in the 8th. However it was the Welsh that took their chances and Adrian had a draw for two to tie the game. The sweepers nursed it to the button for the extra end. The Welsh placed their guards well early in the extra but when skips came to play the house was open again. Alan was left with an open hit for the game. He held his nerve and made no mistake.

In the other semi-final Lauren Gray, the remaining ladies team in the event, faced the tournament favourites skipped by Ewan MacDonald. It was a tight match at 3-3 after five ends, when Ewan made a draw for two and control of the game. In the 7th, MacDonald managed to get a stone well guarded on the edge of the four-foot and the girls had only a tricky tap to the button to save one. Lauren executed the shot perfectly. The men tried hard to lift a double on the guards in the 8th but never quite managed it. A good draw by Lauren with her last showed Ewan only half stone. This proved more than enough and he peeled it out for a place in the final.

For the second time this weekend Scotland will play England for the cup. Will yesterday’s events at Murrayfield be echoed in Aberdeen today?

Semi Final Showdown

Our semi finals will take take place at 12 noon.

  • Meikle v MacDougall
  • Gray v MacDonald
If you are local to Aberdeen please come on in and enjoy some high quality curling. 

Quarter Finals in Focus

The 8 quarter finalists took to the ice at 9am this morning while other competitors were no doubt taking the opportunity for a well earned lie in to ease their sore heads from last night.

Great to see 3 ladies teams making the Sunday stage of the competition, joined by the Welsh and English men and 3 Scottish men's rinks.

MacDonald v Fleming
Unfortunately for the girls this game got off to a bad start with Ewan and his team stealing 3 in the opening end. The next end the men continued to pile on the pressure and Hannah was forced to draw for her one before conceding a two and a subsequent steal of two in the fourth. At 7-1 the girls decided to call it a day.

Macleod v Gray
This game seemed to have a lot of stones in play from the start, with Scott taking on a number of run backs and angles to try and keep the ladies from running away with the lead. Lauren played a very nice shot in the 6th end, scraping (and nudging) past a shot at the front of the house to take another 2 and a convincing lead - full credit to her sweepers for a lot of effort on that one! Scott attempted a difficult raised split for three in the seventh end but unfortunately only scored one and the team shook. #girlpower

MacDougall v Aitken
The first half of this game was a tight affair with scores of one keeping the game close. A pivotal two from the English men when already one up, followed by some effective clearing by the team meant the young Aitken side were run out of stones playing the last end.

Taylor v Meikle
Momentum in this game swung between sides, with Taylor taking a big three in the sixth end. The seventh end was blanked leaving the Welsh men requiring a score of two to take the game into an extra end. After Adrian's first stone in the last end, the team lay three (one top four and two in the back eight all on the centre line), Taylor, took on the double for the extra just missing the run back and left Meikle a nose hit for the win - which he duly made.

Day 1 and 2 Photography

It's been a colorful competition this year - nice to see less black kit on the ice!
Posted by Curl Aberdeen on Sunday, February 7, 2016